About Us


SenSec was founded by Jakes Senekal in 2004 to compliment the security industry with a unique and effective total solution whereas SenSec specializes in the provision of a fully managed integrated service solution. This unique service is a combination of general security, facilities management and personal assistance.

Our Vision:

To be the preferred supplier of Total Facility Management Services to a select client base in the Gauteng area and immediate surroundings, through partnerships, constant innovation in the services offered and consistent improvement in our service levels by adopting a “quality management first” approach in all aspects of the business and recognizing the importance of our human resources to the business, thereby creating wealth for all our stakeholders i.e. clients, employees and members alike.

How we sustain our Vision:

Before we supply a no-obligation quote, we will make an intensive study of your business, your operating environment, your needs and intricacies of your location. Once we are satisfied that we understand your security and/or service requirements, our team will meet and devise a strategy to meet your requirements in the most productive way. Where necessary we will utilize outside specialists to compliment our service.

We believe that the purpose of SenSec is to acquire and maintain customers.We therefore value a long term relationship with our clients and believe that this is only possible if the relationship is built on mutual trust and understanding of each others businesses and values. To give effect to the aforementioned we provide our clients with a full breakdown of our costing and margins in a transparent manner when we present our guarding or total security service solution to you.Our fee structure is based on the client’s individual requirements and therefore varies from site to site and/or services offered. Each job is quoted individually to ensure the profitability of the contract and thereby our ability to sustain the service levels that we aim for in the long term.

In short, we believe we are the best in what we do and base our business on good Christian principals and values.